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Strata Tattoo Lab is located in the beautiful High Desert, just west of Joshua Tree National Park, and a 20 minute drive from the world’s largest Marine Base! We are dedicated to providing a creative, supportive, and educational work environment for all artists, and accept only the most experienced and advanced tattoo artists (and attitudes!) So- please keep in mind, that we do not hire based on charity, but merit! If you are interested in relocating, this is a fantastic opportunity to work with cool and talented artists in a positive atmosphere! Strata has been in business since July, 2004. We are a custom only shop, and do not provide any kind of flash. We believe in giving integrity back to the industry and building a real future for artists for generations to come.
What we are looking for:
– A well-established (and ambitious) artist, with an extensive portfolio. (5+ years experience preferred.)
– Must be experienced in all styles of tattooing, (portraits and realism included!) Convention experience, awards and publications are a plus.
– You must be clean, professional, and customer service oriented, no substance abuse problems or attitudes. Someone with a stable family life preferred, no drama junkies. (Must have transportation!)
– Should be trained in First Aid, CPR, and Bloodborne Pathogens certification.
– An artist who can create custom artwork on both scheduled and walk-in basis. (Guest Spots are available as well!)
– You must have an up to date website portfolio, or Facebook portfolio for us to review. Candidates who do not have an updated online presence will not be considered.
What we are not looking for:
– Ego driven jerks, or rockstars.
– Apprentices, home/prison tattooers.
– People with “small town” or “thug” mentalities.
– Anyone who cannot provide us with good references from other shops they have worked at.
– Lazy artists who turn down work, regularly call in sick, arrive to work late, or go home early.
– Anyone who doesn’t view tattooing as a lifestyle, and just as a job…(go work at McDonald’s!)
– Anyone who creates drama or bad mouths other shops or artists.
– Artists who cannot take/give constructive criticism, and work as a team.
What we have to offer:
– We provide a supportive, stable, and educational work environment for our artists and body piercers as well as an upscale, energetic and drama free atmosphere.
– Have a specific convention you would like to attend? Let us know and we’ll make it happen! Want to be in magazines? We’ll show you how!
– Education in online self promotion, taxes and finances
– 60% commission (booth rent)
– Great attitudes and energy in the shop!
– We take pride in providing our customers with high quality tattoos and piercing services, by high quality artists and technicians, in one of the cleanest, safest, and most comfortable environments in the industry to get tattooed or pierced.
ONLY RESPONSIBLE, HONEST AND HARD WORKING ADULTS NEED APPLY. This is a professional studio and it will remain that way. If you are responsible, personable and a friendly tattoo artist with a positive attitude and strong work ethic then we’re looking for you!
Check us out @
– Instagram – @strata_tattoo_lab
-Twitter – @StrataTattooLab
Check us out on YELP!
– Facebook,
Contact us – 760-219-7061 (owner, Jay’e Jones)
Shop – (760) 369-8288

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