Hi! My name is Balentine, thanks for checking out my work! I have been tattooing since the beginning of 2017 and it has rapidly become my life's greatest passion and source of fulfillment. I love all aspects of the work that i do. I particularly enjoy working with noobies and striving to give them a great experience with their first tattoos! Collaborating with a client to make sure they get a unique and creative tattoo is always my goal. I really enjoy tattooing things from nature, such as animals, plants, skulls, and even landscapes. I also like doing weird, creepy, and/or bizarre stuff. Pop culture is another of my favorite subjects, especially Fallout or Rick and Morty related pieces! Aside from tattooing I am an artist of many mediums. Everything from painting/drawing, to the creation of post-apocalyptic costumes, armor/weapons and everything in between!
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