I began my tattooing career in Massachusetts, back in 2009.  I quickly developed a deep respect for the technical skills and traditional methods of tattooing, which gave me a burning desire to expand my knowledge and skill set every single day that I am in this industry. It wasn't until I moved to the High Desert of California in 2015, and began work as a tattoo artist serving the 29 Palms Marine Base, that I truly began to flourish under the intense demand that a military market carries with it.  I began to exponentially grow as an artist, due to both the number of tattoos that I was doing every week, but also due to the extreme variety of styles and pieces I had to do. I love tattooing every style at this point but truly enjoy traditional, neo-traditional, Japanese, and color realism.   If you love my work, let's connect, and we shall make the artistic vision you have for your body a reality.






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