Once you step into Strata Tattoo Lab, be prepared for a full-sensory experience.

Being that we are a custom only tattoo studio, our walls are not adorned with flash. Instead, our decor consists of original artwork- paintings, drawings, sculptures and the like. Art IS life here at Strata Tattoo Lab.


Once you step into Strata Tattoo Lab, be prepared for a full-sensory experience. Our walls are NOT filled with tattoo flash. We are a custom only tattoo studio. Instead, our shop decor consists of original artwork like paintings, drawings, and sculptures all from our artists, family, locals and friends. We are all about the art, NOT “lick ‘em, stick ‘em, and send ‘em out the door.”

Strata is exceptionally clean, tidy, and fully certified by the county and state, proving our above and beyond training and expectations in sterilization and cleanliness. Feel free to ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff absolutely anything. No egos here, just fun loving, polite and passionate artists!

High Quality Pigments

We only use the highest of quality of sterile, vegan pigments. Ink brands include, but are not limited to: Eternal, Fusion, Formula 51, Dynamic, Intenze, and Starbrite.

Latest Health Practices

Strata Tattoo Lab continues to receive perfect annual Health Department inspection scores since opening in 2004. To search shop inspection scores on the San Bernardino County website - click here.

Only skilled artists, No amateurs

Over 70+ years combined artist experience!

Commonly Asked Questions

To get an estimate for your tattoo, first research which artist you’d like to apply it. Then, you may call the studio, drop by or email us to book a consultation. Details on this process vary from artist to artist. Generally an appointment deposit is required, which upon completing the tattoo, is deducted from the final total. Deposit amounts are set by the artist, and may or may not be refundable.

Tattoos can take minutes or even years to complete. There are countless variables: size, detail, style, skin health and age etc…also, YOU!! The more you move, twitch or shake, the longer that tattoo will take!

Tattoo aftercare products vary from artist to artist, and even client to client (depending on age and skin type.) Generally, you want a good liquid (or bar) anti-bacterial soap and fragrance free lotion (stay away from products made with petroleum!) For older, thinner skin, vitamin E oil (in thin coats) works wonderfully. Whatever you end up using, moderation is key! Checkout our aftercare information http://stratatattoolab.com/tattoos/


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