Please be patient while we contact all of you lovely people that are on our waiting lists.
Dearest Clients,
Due to new Covid19 protocol, we ask that you thoroughly read and follow the instructions below upon your arrival to the studio, on the day of your appointment:
**If you have been feeling sick, including Covid19 symptoms or non-Covid19 symptoms, OR have tested positive for Covid19, or have been in close contact with anyone who has experienced *any of the above mentioned, PLEASE reschedule your appointment, you will not be faulted for it, or lose your retainer.
  • Please do *not arrive early, and come *alone. If you require a driver, they will need to stay in their car or return for you later. No friends or family may join you for your appointment.
  • You must have a face covering or mask on at ALL times, if you do not have one, one will be provided for you.
  • Upon arrival, we will direct you to our hands-free washing station, and you will need to wash your hands (this will be repeated as many times as needed while you are here, and after breaks. During this time, we will sanitize your phone for you.
  • Please keep your hands OFF of your mask and face at all times.
  • Please respect all social distancing in common areas, and go to your artist's booth directly after washing your hands.
  • All tattoo work is by APPOINTMENT ONLY, we cannot take walk-ins, or have multiple people waiting in our lobby. This is necessary to maintain social distancing in common areas.
  • Since we love our community and do not want to raise our hourly or piece pricing tattoo rates, there will be an additional $20 PPE fee for each session.
* Please note, if you are waiting on a list for any sort of cosmetic tattooing or facial tattooing, we are NOT allowed to practice this yet, until further notice, by order of the County.*
We will be disinfecting all common areas regularly, and will be taking all precautions necessary to keep both clients and artists safe!
We are happy to be BACK and seeing you all again, even if things are a bit different now than before.
-Strata Tattoo Lab