Welcome to Strata Tattoo Lab LLC!


Though a lifelong oil painter, I began my tattoo journey later in life than most. It officially started in 2015 when I began my apprenticeship with the great Dave Allen (Preying Mantis Tattoo, Denver, CO) though the seed was planted many years before when I painted a series of portraits of the tattooed figure. Learning to tattoo seemed like a natural progression of my art. Now years later, I am a professional tattoo artist specializing in realism and portraiture. My tattoos are very much an extension of my painting. In both black and grey and color, my tattoos have an artistic, even painterly look. I pride myself on taking great care of my clients, whether first-timers or collectors, and giving them a piece of art they will love for a lifetime. I look forward to working with you!

303-995-7914 (text preferred)