Tonya Van Parys

On a cold December afternoon, Tonya Van Parys was born in the middle of a monsoon to two of the world's most infamous high flying acrobats. As a well-traveled child, she loved to paint the signs and props for her parent's circus and looked forward following in her parent's footsteps- flying from one platform to another. As time began to pass, she realized that her dreams of soaring over the faces of screaming children seemingly slipped into what could only be best described as a bleak future for her. She had a terrible fear of heights, and at one point witnessed a vicious tiger attack on her two fathers during a Sunday matinee. To say in the least, the Greatest Show on Earth was not part of her foreseeable destiny. Also, the Gypsy fortune-teller told her so. She packed up her bags, balloons and cotton candy, and made her way out into the world as we know it. She began her career as an artist- tattooing in some of the most reputable studios on the West Coast. With over 15 years of experience, she is well versed in all styles of tattooing...and she loves it all! If you're looking for an artist to exceed your expectations, contact Tonya today! P.S She loves cats, and her favorite color is glitter. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!